Safra with Patrik Khach & Ramona Wouters


Patrik Khach
Immersed in electronic music since a young age, Patrik Khach has devoted his life to bringing people together through music. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Patrik is responsible for curating events sought out by DJ’s, attendees and many electronic music brands. Working for and alongside industry giants, Patrik has created and maintained a high level of integrity that ripples through the city as one of the most in-demand acts.

2016 was a defining year for Patrik as he and his team developed SBCLTR, an on-going series of meticulously curated parties in Los Angeles. This caused Patrik to become internationally recognized for his efforts in the Electronic Music Industry. The platform has served as an outlet for creative ingenuity and encourages artistic expression, allowing talent to break through to a receptive audience in an atmospheric setting where events are strategically held in different locations.

Pipe & Pochet was established in partnership with Ali Farahani as well in 2016. Together they have built the music label to be recognized as a leading source for down-tempo electronic music. Future projects promise Patrik is the face to watch as he continues to succeed in each journey of his flourishing career. He sends an open invitation to the world for people to connect, one track at a time from one dance floor to another.

Ramona Wouters
Half Belgian and half Dutch, Ramona spent her youth bouncing between Antwerp and Amsterdam throughout the early 90s. Growing up on Belgian techno and the Dutch love of house music instilled in her an early appreciation for contrast and balance between these two genres of music.

Ramona’s sound weaves together a tapestry of melodies, textures and beats, reflecting two decades of extensive world travel. Always conscious of the energy of her audience, her sensitivity stems from a love of dancing, and results in an emotive, sensual style that exudes a rich array of feeling. It is Ramona’s way of giving back and getting back to that vital place we all go when the music feels right.

Currently based in San Francisco, Ramona has been playing music for the past 6 years, touring coast to coast at clubs and festivals, and has recently begun playing in South America and Europe as well.

She has played alongside such great acts as Viken Armen, Oceanvs Orientalis, Thugfucker, Oona Dahl, M,Rux, Powel, Jacob Groening, Monolink, Satori, Lum, Martha Van Straaten and also has done several theater tours with Boombox.

Festival appearances include Nomade Chile, Voodoohop Brazil, Lightning in a Bottle, Oregon Eclipse and many years playing at Burning man music camps.



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