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Rony Seikaly makes his Audio debut on Friday, April 15th.

Looking back on Rony Seikaly's life, it's clear his foray into music was destined to happen one way or another. In fact, the then-budding producer/DJ was hosting his own parties for his friends inside his garage as early as age 14.

Standing at 6 feet 11 inches with impressive athleticism, Rony's triumphant NBA career began on his Greek stomping grounds before landing at Syracuse University where he went All American, led his team to the championship game and had his number retired. A combination of his innate skills and dedication to the sport helped establish his name and in 1988, Rony became the Miami Heat's first ever college draft pick where he averaged a double-double for his career and still holds numerous Miami records.

Even throughout his career, however, music remained his true passion. His court-side nickname, "Spin Doctor," was nothing short of perfect foreshadowing.

When he wasn't making headlines as an NBA center, Rony quietly continued to expand his sonic horizons and fine-tune his personal style. Uncomfortable with the idea of people labeling him as a "celebrity DJ," Rony remained mum about his music with the public eye. Instead, he chose to entertain only those in his inner circle. His friends, on the other hand, knew this was more than a fleeting interest and continually encouraged him to share his passion with others.

Among his supportive friends was the legendary house DJ/producer Erick Morillo. When Erick saw Rony play in the confines of his Miami home, he pushed him to stop hiding his talent and follow his passion. In 2008, Rony made his public debut at Mokai and the rest, as they say, is history. By 2010, Erick's label, Subliminal Records, released Rony's first EP, House Calls. In the years to follow, Rony enjoyed several successful follow-ups on Nervous Records, Swings Records and Juicy Music.

Today, Rony can be found sharing his passion around the world. From burning Man and Amnesia Ibiza to Marquee NY and Space/ Story in Miami, Rony shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In fact, he also headlines his own radio show, Sugar Free Radio, on Sirius/XM every Friday, Saturday and Monday. The goal, he says, is to share his sexy, groovy, underground signature sound with others. Never one to give up, Rony is currently working on new tracks for an upcoming release.

Opening set by Keith Kraft

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