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Robag Wruhme (Pampa | Germany)

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Robag Wruhme
Gabor Schablizki (now known as Robag Wruhme) has been in the game for a considerable time—since about 1997, to be a little more precise. For over a decade, he was best acknowledged as one-half of Wighnomy Brothers, a collaborative project for which Schablizki handled the production: all releases under Wighnomy Brothers were actually created and produced by Gabor Schablitzki alone. The project then came to an end in the early months of 2010, leaving Schablitzki to work on his solo work as Robag Wruhme.

Sonically, the sound of Wruhme is distanced somewhat from his previous work; while Wighnomy Brothers' material possessed a high-energy, dancefloor aesthetic, Whrume material is subtle—serene, peaceful, and more delicate, in many ways. It was quite a sharp change of tack. Subsequent releases, over recent years, have landed on Kompakt, Musik Krause, and Pampa—and it was a blissful 2011 Thora Vukk full-length on the latter that really captured the wider world's attention. Anticipation for a new LP has been high ever since.

There remains, however, a distinct sense of intrigue around Schablizki; despite no shortage of interviews, not too much is know about him or his work. He is, as becomes clear, a distinctly private man who dislikes the travel and widespread acknowledgment that success in this field brings with it. There is no artist biography and he flat out refuses to talk about certain subjects.

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