Raresh + Doubtingthomas (Live)

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Public Works / Aftertouch & Diacritic Collective Present:

Raresh (a:rpia:r Romania) SF Debut

Doubtingthomas Live

Petko Nikolov (Aftertouch / Diacritic Collective)

Main room / Funktion One sound

Raresh Bio
Raresh is for good and all one of the fundamental figures of the actual electronic scene. Originally from Bacau, the clubbing scene has attracted him since he was 15 years old when he started to spin records in a small club, marking his ascent at the turntables at an age when most of the children were playing soccer in the courtyard.
In 2007, he launched alongside Rhadoo and Pedro the [a:rpia:r] label, whose activity brought each one their well-deserved place in the top of the clubbing hierarchy, becoming one of the most loved and appreciated Romanian djs.
Also in 2007, he joined the Cocoon international family, under which he managed, across the years, to collaborate with other artists for two compilations signed under the Cocoon label.
Alongside his mate Praslea, he launches in 2012 a successful duo called “Praslesh” under which they signed the “Out of time” EP at the freshly launched Romanian label, Understand.
With constant gigs all over the world, a strong label, forward releases, two accomplices to ratify the ping-pong – back to back in three – Raresh has proved, no doubt, what a complete dj means and now enjoys all the support and admiration of the electronic music scene lovers.

Doubtingthomas Bio

While he has been producing since the 90s when he was exploring downtempo trip hop and ambient sounds, DoubtingThomas has been continuously immersing himself in a wide range of styles that all feed into the more dancefloor focused material he works on today. During his time spent in London throughout the 00’s he developed a live set which has become one of the key channels for his creative energy. Meanwhile he scored releases on labels such as Soul Jazz, Safari Electronique, Lessizmo:r and Adjunct Audio amongst others at the peak of minimal techno’s creativity. Besides this more personal work he composes music for Universal Publishing and Cezame Music Agency in a commercial capacity.

His sound has always drawn upon wider influences than cookie-cutter dancefloor music, reaching to jazz and musique concrete to find textures that challenge in between the rhythms, and so it is that his distinctive live set has become his calling card in recent times. With recent tours taking him to the likes of Arma in Moscow, Rex Club in Paris and across the US, audiences around the world have been awoken to the distinctive DoubtingThomas sound. It’s the same kind of unique spirit that he brings to his DJing, taking chances to present a crowd with an alternative to the straight and narrow rules of so much club music.

While the performances keep on rolling, Aurelien is also investing his considerable energy into a multitude of recording projects from his current base in Berlin, continuing a thread started with the downtempo collaborative project D.O.T.S he began in London and moving it away from a jazz leaning to more experimental pastures under the PROMISES banner.

Alongside that venture he has a spread of releases planned, including more than one album in the works. As previously stated, the restless approach to his craft promises great things on the horizon for DoubtingThomas.



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