Raise the Temple: Fundraiser for the Temple at Burning man

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Join us for a Saturday gathering in support of the build of the 18th Incarnation of The Burning Man Temple!

**All profits go directly to The Temple build**

Lose yourself in a full day of music, art, and wellness. There will be indoor and outdoor stages, conversations with the Temple architects, art cars and playa sculptures to explore.

Eduardo Castillo - Tara Brooks - David Hohme
Vitamindevo - Alastair - Elz - James Fish - Shooey - Dj Icon
Mancub - Cptn Jay - AV B2B Dot


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About the 18th incarnation of The Temple

The form of the Temple begins with life out of balance. Throughout the Sierra Nevada, species of pine trees are dying, compromised by a bark beetle which has proliferated due to human interruption of the cycle of forest fires and climate change. The timber from these trees, donated to our project, harvested and milled, becomes the braw material that will raise your Temple.

The Temple is a place of refuge, mourning, and healing. The Temple Burn is a solemn ritual; a cleaning, a rite of passage, a pyre. We are honored to create and share this project with you, the Burning Man community, to help continue this tradition of healing.


Let us take your message to the Playa.

We will erect a section of the Temple onsite at the Midway for all who want to set intentions for your upcoming Burn, or deliver a message to the Playa in your absence.

We will supply pens for you to leave your message by hand, and we will transport and work it into the Temple build.



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