Quo Vadis Presents: Alessandro Cortini, 51717 and Omphalos


Quo Vadis presents an evening of evocative soundscapes via a trio of live acts who push the boundaries of machine manipulation mixed with the tenderness and fragility of humanism and organic instrumentation

Alessandro Cortini [live A/V]
51717 [live]

Core team member Mike Amacio steps out from behind the mixing console to return to the QV stage with his band member Matthew Robinson as Omphalos. As a duo, they weave ethereal and complex electronic and cello-based textures together that conjure otherworldly hinterlands

51717 [live]
Tensile hesitations and foreboding passages run through Lili Schulder’s oeuvre as 51717, from releases on Silent Servant’s Jealous God label to her more recently released LP on L.I.E.S. at the beginning of the year. Shadowy and granular voices decay and dart across these introspective compositions in unnervingly enchanting ways, and her live performances also explore these intimate realms that tussle between beauty and discomfort

Celebrating the release of his stunning new LP, “Volume Massimo,” sonic maestro Alessandro Cotrini returns for his second QV performance with a powerful new A/V show. Analogue dissonance and traditional composition flows through hardware synthesis and guitar motifs in ways that stretch concepts of time and memory. Those familiar with his previous solo works, as well as his experiences within the NIN touring band, know what a treasure it is to see Cortini play live; and we are beyond delighted to present him again as he transforms Good Room into an immersive and deeply personal journey through his own life experience and depths of emotion

Doors 8:00pm / 21+
Good Room / 98 Meserole Ave, Brooklyn

Quo Vadis events are spaces that welcome safe personal expression, free from any form of harassment. Please let Ria, Zara, Reid, Mike or the venue staff know if anyone isn't respecting this



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