Pure Immanence Xxix


pure immanence xxix: HOLIDAY EDITION
set times:
10pm—11:30pm: Pure Immanence
11:30pm—2:30am: The Carry Nation
2:30am—4am: Pure Immanence
"I think that every power is sad. Even if those who have the power are overjoyed to have it, this is a sad joy. There are sad joys. It's a sad joy. Conversely, joy is the enactment of a capacity. Once again, I know of no capacities that would be evil. The typhoon is a capacity, it must rejoice in its soul. But it does not rejoice in blowing down houses, but in existing. To rejoice is to rejoice in being what one is, that is, in having reached the point where one is. It's not self-satisfaction, joy is not being pleased with oneself, not at all, it's not the pleasure of being pleased with oneself. [...] Joy, that's what it is to satisfy a capacity, to enact a capacity."
–Deleuze on Joy







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