PTL: Mira, Chris Schwarzwälder, Sarah Kries b2b Caleesi



Permission to Land
ZERO & Below Radar Present:
Mira (Katerblau, Berlin) & Chris Schwarzwälder (Katermukke, Berlin)
Sarah Kries b2b Caleesi (Circles & Stones / Zero, Berlin)


Permission to Land: Always top-notch sound, drinks, food & vibes - outside on the patio.



Mira & Chris

Mira Bio

It’s hard to find a more humble, down to earth human being than Mira who quietly and consistently has been creating some of the most meaningful, dynamic sets out there.
Though rightfully titled the ‘Queen of Berlin’, Mira avoids the spotlight and instead focuses on quality and her true artistic expressions. She is exponentially flying at the pinnacle of the deep house music scene, headlining the best festivals and clubs around the world. Her unique ability to set and create the perfect vibe while hypnotizing crowds from all horizons has made Mira an artist like no other. She is unanimously acclaimed and unconditionally loved by an ever-growing base of admirers everywhere she goes.

Mira was born and raised in a classical, artistic family: mother, a photographer, father, a musician. A perfect combination and environment to find and establish her own musical abilities. And so, Mira took her first piano lessons at the age of eight. Everything was quite normal growing up if it wasn’t for the country she grew up in: the GDR. Here, artists were an indispensable part of oppositional self-assertion. During the Cold War, her stepfather had to flee to West Berlin which opened a door for Mira into an entirely new world. With the experience she gained from East Germany and the artist collective, Lanetic, she significantly began to shape the East- German- techno scene for more than 10 years before establishing her musical home in Berlin's legendary Bar25, Kater Holzig, and now, Katerblau. While residing in Berlin, she shaped her own unique sound, reminiscent of endless nights full of wonder and intensity.

Just like her sets, Mira is a slow burning artist, who quite by surprise has found the entire deep house world mesmerized by her once-in-a-generation talent. Is she now the Queen of Deep House? If you ask her, Mira will simply smile and go back to selecting her next tracks.

Chris Bio

Much could be said about self-made man Chris Schwarzwälder, who is both a trained chef and budding DJ. But the years of dedication he has been putting into the crafting of his music can be best appreciated in his sets and his recent productions.
Having started to spin Hip-Hop records in his hometown of Frankfurt/Main he eventually ended up in Berlin, where his already very nurtured and rich musical understanding started to fall into place. Discovering a party-life that seemed to have no beginning or end, while still cooking full time to live and eat, contrasted with long hours of listening and selecting songs in the isolation and tranquility of his home. All this has shaped his distinctive, slightly plaintive and dark, moll-dominated, but in the end always uplifting style.
His 'Mirrors' EP on Katermukke and 'Akumal' on Laut & Luise, where released to wide acclaim and already show his versatility and finesse. His remixes and co-productions, most prominently for/with Nu and Acid Pauli don't do anything but confirm his musical pedigree and make us eagerly await all the marvelous things yet to come from this fledging artist.

Sarah Kries is an electronic music artist and passionate music collector based in Berlin. Her love for collecting music finally found its way to the turntables in Heidelberg in 2012, where she hosted a variety of events with a small collective. The events she organized ranged from raves in the woods, to club events and small theatre festivals, all of which sharpened her eye for detail and also shaped her very own style as a DJ.
Her sound is as unique as it is diverse, delivering to listeners uniquely curated, storytelling soundscapes with solid groove foundations. While her specialty is playing slow tech, Sarah Kreis also loves to surprise her audience by playing genre-bending tracks and introducing mellow indie tunes, organic deep house as well as dub and hip hop influenced beats. With an exquisite ear for details, a love for flowing melodies and a knack for weaving surprisingly eclectic tracks into her sets, she has established a name for herself in many notable clubs and events and will continue to take her audience on journeys into the wide field of electronic music.

Calessi bio

Caleesi is an electronic music artist based in Berlin and part of the collective and label Urban Cosmonaut Radio.
She has developed her very own signature sound that has been shaped by influences of Urban Cosmonaut’s musical diversity, ranging from world music to downtempo deep house. But her influences reach far further and also include artists like Nicolas Jaar, Mira, Lauryn Hill and many more.
Caleesi’s music is diverse in style yet consistent in vibe: with an ear for melancholia that goes beyond genre or tempo, she often combines deep basslines with an emotional touch. Her sets tend to build up tension slowly, gradually releasing a flow that travels through warm synth lines into different moods and atmospheres - always focusing on the individual vibe and energy to create an intimate journey with the crowd.



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