Proximity w/ Matt Main, Victor Vega, Brendan Finlayson


PROXIMITY CREW is back with a bimonthly @ UnderGround SF!!


Raised in the outer badlands of Chicago and upon his migration to the home of House Music was educated in the boompty-bass school of hard knocks, forming him into the funk-doc, soul controller of the dance-floor that he is today. From in the cut is where he launches his schemes for dance-floor obliteration and only in the moment of truth will you ever really see Matt Main lose his cool as it is poured through the speakers and into your body. Time and place has no bearing on his agenda as his singular purpose at the controls is to funk you, bang you and bounce you with an eclectic range of techno and house tracks.
Matt Main not only hatches his plans for the dance-floor from behind the decks but also from behind the scenes as a key component of the No Affiliation parties that helped set the highest standards for underground events in Chicago. His time running boards and doing production for some of Chicago’s largest festivals and events has allowed him to bring a level of technical proficiency to his own events and mix. Whether at work or play Matt Main’s life is shrouded in perfecting the organized noise that is so often bringing people to various states of sweaty elation.
Currently residing in Oakland, Matt has shifted his focus to the studio since his migration out west in 2015. Still a relatively unknown entity in the Bay Area it’s only a matter of time before the word is out and his new home can embrace his renegade sound.

Victor Vega
Hailing from Jersey City via Northampton, has been part of the dance-music culture for the past 15 years studying media production, promotion, and learning the music. In 2004, Victor moved from Massachusetts to California to further his knowledge of event and music production, promotion, and DJing.
Some of Victor’s early dance influences were genres such as Latin and Acid House, Hip-Hop, R ’n’ B, World Beat music and such unlikely sounds as Classical and Classic Rock. During the last two and one-half years, Vega has honed his craft of sculpting the sounds of Deep, Tech House, keeping it dirty and juicy so that it makes you want to freaky deaky.
In moving to San Francisco and working with the Fringe Art Collective and Janky barge. Victor has enjoyed the honor of playing alongside artists such as The Juan McLain, Freestylers, Bassnectar, BLVD, Glitch Mob, Stanton Warriors, and DJ Icey in venues such as Poleng Lounge, Anu, Mighty, Rain Dance (Santa Cruz), Get Freaky @ 10:15, Burning Man, and Decompression. Victor continues his quest for the last Five years with the Housepitality Crew as resident and floor manager.
In the coming years, Victor will be focusing further on music production and in utilizing more hardware technology to extend the fluidity of the mix, and continuing his quest for excellence in event-production for the ever-demanding public. Meanwhile, Vega hasn’t lost sight of the point of all this which is to bring people together to share common interests and participate in the evolution of the culture and, most importantly, shake thy butt.

Brendan Finlayson
Mostly deep house and techno.

Proximity is a side project that Victor Vega & wife Laura Vega have been developing for the past year and a half. Producing a few underground Parties along with an Official Movement Party this past year. With future events in the works.
This is an opportunity for a new collaboration to come to fruition, develop their skills and bring new ideas digital arts Music production and DJing.

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