Prototype 075: Omar S, Eclair Fifi, Jen Ferrer


Omar S
Eclair Fifi
Jen Ferrer

Dear friends, we're back for the month of June - this time with two guests that have been on our wish-list for quite some time.

First up, we have Omar S in the building. A man who needs no introduction, commonly referred to as the best - if you need a reminder why, we got you covered. Omar is born, raised, and based in Detroit, and grew up immediately immersed in music through his family. He began going out in the early 90s and bought his first pair of technics at age 13 - the rest is history. Raw and unfiltered are the key words here. Look no further than his own classic productions on his FXHE label or Theo Parrish's Sound Signature - Omar S is one of Detroit's finest and we're pleased to finally spend an evening with him.

Also joining us is Scottish DJ, illustrator, and radio host, Eclair Fifi aka Clair Stirling. Starting off as a pirate radio host at the young age of 16, inspired by her parents interest in Chicago house and Detroit techno. Clair eventually landed a residency on BBC Radio One's "In New DJs We Trust," followed by hosting LuckyMe's show on Rinse FM, and currently holds a monthly on NTS. She recently launched her own label via LuckyMe, which releases series of Chicago House and Latin Freestyle Drumapella, Percapella & Synthapella reissues & remixes. These days Clair finds herself busier than ever, traveling for shows every weekend and constantly hunting for new talent to introduce to the world.

Warm up duties will be handled by Far Away's own Jen Ferrer. We hope you can join us for a very solid summer's night out!

Funktion One Sound / 21+ / Early Arrival Advised



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