PMS ft. Dulce Vita, Kimba Rose & More

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Finally we can reveal the latest PMS (Puta, Masha, Shai) concoction! PMS debuts May 3rd, 2015, then comes around every first Sunday of the month, 12-6pm, in all its fierce and fiery glory!

We wanted to create the perfect container in which to house the vast San Francisco Evolution spectrum. We started out as Club Kids, ran amuck as Party Monsters and eventually found ourselves as Burners. We realized that even if we are slowly trading in our End Up mornings for yoga, and our happy hours for meditation, there is still that last bit of bitchy Club Kid PMS (which strikes each and every gender alike) begging to be itched.


Dulce Vita
Kimba Rose
Trever Pearson
Tuff Break
Spinning the choiciest most eye dilatin' house, breaks, techno and additional surprises this side of the desert.

C’mere honey, and let us pour some love balm and music salve on those tense emotions and frustrated nerves!!! Guys and dolls alike: we will LOVE you up HARD with some booty bumpin, costume wearin, stress stompin vibrations and feel good awesomeness!!

We hold all aspects of our various lifestyles, and welcome all. We will be featuring a Detox/Retox bar, with on the spot, freshly made, organic green juice elixirs, which can be had on their own or matched with our traditional and signature cocktails.

We pride ourselves on our exquisite musical taste and offerings, beautiful energy and paradise atmosphere. We invite you to mark your calendars, and remember to save up all those frustrations, symptoms and cravings for first Sundays’ PMS!!!

Channel that shit into your costume, your energy for the dance floor and come transform it into PURE LOVE!!!



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