Playa Art Fundraiser - Late Night SF - Human Union Project

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The Human Union Project is hosting a fundraiser to build a giant wedding cake on the Playa dedicated to marriage and all forms of Union.

Your late late night DJ officiants:

Lisa Rose / SF / NOCTURNAL Code
Lisa oh Lisa! This event would be nothing without your Goddess energy taking us to the next level. We can't wait to see your light all while we experience your dark - tracks that is!

Trey Courtney / SF
This man is one of the kindest and most humble DJs you'd ever meet. Except, once his pants are on, he makes gold rekkids! Armed with a degree in music, Trey has been banging out tracks and performing with major acts for years. We're thankful to have you with us!

Arash Sheikh / SF / Minimal Tones
Arash has kindly donated the sound system for the event as well as his talent. His forte is moving tracks relative to floor energy all while ensuring exact acoustical variables down to the music file type. We're excited to experience you!

Jaime James / SF
Jaime is a benevolent soul and a local staple. He's been working in the house scene since 2005 and has graciously volunteered his time to enrich this event. Stoked to have you on!

The Rev Hooman / SF / Human Union Project
Amateur Psychologist, DJ, grower, maker, builder, doer

The volunteers of the Human Union Project are building a Burning Man art installation where people can conduct human union/bonding rituals on the Playa. We have a short amount of time to raise funds to complete this project and get it to BM this year. Luckily we have a team of very capable builders to execute this dream and allow everyone to have their special day on the playa.

So what?
We would like to unveil the design of the structure to give you an idea of what it will look like. But to get to the Playa, we need MONEY! That blasted commodified default-world thing to make any-thing happen! Our goal is to raise at least $5000 for this event. Your contribution is 501c3 tax deductible.

When is it?
After Precompression Saturday June 17, 2017. Doors open at midnight. Did we tell you we'll have a space at Precompression? Come say hi!

Where's it at?
Location you ask?? Hmmmm...we never kiss and tell! Well, we'll tell you, but you'll just have to wait and see! In the mean time, send a text with the word: Union to 384-70. This will add you to our SMS list and we'll notify you shortly before the event.

How much?
For you eager beavers that would like to make an earlier toast, we welcome you to purchase a discounted ticket for $20 only if you arrive before 1:30am. If you arrive after this time, you'll have to end up paying full door price. There is a regular presale tier at $30 which allows you entrance all night. Day of the event admission is $35. Can't afford it? No problem! We're happy to accept work/play volunteers!

Get what?
We will have ordained officiants there to bond you with friends or lovers in any union ritual you desire. We will have a bar flowing with refreshing celebratory libations. We'll also raffle off magical prizes. Cake you say? Let us eat cake! But don't forget the bubbly!

Help wanted!
Every contibution helps whether you come join us for a late late night of unions and celebrations or you can donate/drive traffic to our Kickstarter. Can't do either? No problem. Join the builders' team and help make our dream come true!


Project Builders group:

The under-the-fold print:
If you forget your cup you'll get scolded and fined $5 for one! No pets, must be at least 21+ years old and have valid ID at the door. Leave No Trace rules apply. Pack it in, pack it out. NO INS AND OUTS.

Upward we go into wee hours o' night,
Rituals in union of humans take flight,
Solo-gamy, poly-gamy, mono-gamy?
Choose your booze, spend the night,
Onward we dance void of fiery light!



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