Planetarium: Josh Dunn and Gunnar Haslam


Every Thursday evening, we clear the floor between our speakers and invite folks over for a hi-fi listening session. Our resident selectors and special guests play everything from ambient and electronic music to pre-war blues and psychedelic rock, and often live performances are woven throughout.
Feel free to bring pillows, blankets, sleeping bags — whatever you like to get comfortable. Also, we've found the night works best when everyone keeps their voice down, so please remain silent inside the main speaker area. Outside of that space, be sure to speak quietly enough that only the person you’re talking to can hear you.
We look forward to getting lost in music with you.
For this edition, we've got Planetarium resident Josh Dunn and special guest Gunnar Haslam lined up.
Josh Dunn was born in Flint, Michigan, but when it was time to leave the nest, he made a break for Detroit. Though he resides here in New York City now, his time in the D defines him. (That’s how it goes, we hear.) He’s designed records for the Motor City’s own J Dilla, Moodymann and Andrés, and his record collection oozes the tight but far-flung brilliance that can only come from the land of the Electrifying Mojo.
Gunnar Haslam is a physicist-turned-producer-and-selector with a rapidly growing — and yet consistently refreshing and dynamic — discography that spans ambient, techno and acid and includes releases on The Bunker New York, L.I.E.S and Mister Saturday Night. He'll join Josh behind the decks for this one.
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In an effort to create a space where all people feel safe, we don’t allow any of these things within our walls or in our back yard:
Non-Consensual Touching
Racist, Homophobic, Transphobic, Sexist or Other Discriminatory Language
If someone says or does anything to make you feel uncomfortable while you’re here, let us know. All our bartenders, security, managers, sound staff and door staff can help you.
Also, for the sake of the vibe, please don’t use your phone or take pictures on or around our dance floor.






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