Pink Mammoth Presents: JOY


Join Pink Mammoth, Marques Wyatt, and Goldcap for a night of JOY on October 22 as we bring our deep, sultry, playful Playa groove for our premier event at the House of Yes.

Pink Mammoth is best known for creating unforgettable peak experiences and signature day parties at Black Rock City. We believe that public art in all forms calls the seeker into transformation and we aim to create, participate, and cultivate this in one another and the world through the many events we produce and support.

Join our resident DJ’s Gravity (Pink Mammoth), J Will Love, Zach Walker, Derek Hena, RyelK and Markie B in welcoming our guests Marques Wyatt (Deep-LA), Goldcap (Sol*Selectas/Leverage) and Naira Hart (LA, Camp Charlie) for an all night, deep-down, shake-your-soul-clean groove. Visual artists Videolicious and Dominati widen your perspective and brighten your gaze as HOY delights with their impeccable aerial spectacle!\

Sonic love travels in many dimensions and as it relates to music, Marques Wyatt is a seminal pioneer as undoubtedly amongst the most respected DJ's in the United States and a West Coast legend. In addition to producing some of LA's most legendary clubs / events, many associate him with "DEEP," the illustrious event that he nurtured in his hometown of Los Angeles-thriving and continuing today for well over 16 years. He is one of the few dj's that have managed to cross pollinate audiences and merge at least two generations of music fans on his dance floors . Thus, he is in demand at clubs, as well as on the festival circuit alike, stateside and abroad. Marques' unerring, knowledgeable selections are sure to stir up some emotions and known to turn huge dance floors into an intimate ritual.

Goldcap (AKA Berge Sahakian) has roots in music based in an eclectic pool of genres since his earliest ages. Having been brought up to everything from classic rock, traditional indian, orchestra, and reggae, to classical, metal, west-african, and middle-eastern styles of music. Finally introduced to a decent electronic song in 2006, he decided to dive into DJ'ing immediately, as he has always loved to perform as much as appreciate the music that touches him. Having picked up instruments like the electric/acoustic guitar, bass guitar, classical piano, and various different percussive instruments; Goldcap's vision is to deliver an organic sound throughout his sets and productions which speak to the universal soul within us all. Also being a fan of poetry, films, ambient sounds, traditional instruments, and the spoken word, you will often hear him incorporating an eclectic array of samples into his sets.

Goldcap’s recent release “MIRAGE” on Sol Selectas has had plentiful acclaim, charting in top 20’s of electronic charts.

NAIRA HART (LA, Camp Charlie)









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