Phonobar Presents: Record Store Vinyl Tuesday's

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Phonobar Presents a new Tuesday Series on Grove Street.

Moving forward we want to showcase a night at the bar dedicated to California Record Stores in & around The Bay.

Vinyl records are important because they represent the enduring power of analog in a digital world. They are beautiful works of art, lovingly rendered and unselfishly provided.

When records are kept in good condition, they can be kept forever. There is no governing body such as a record label, or music app to control the availability. Once you have purchased the record it is yours enjoy, share and pass down for generations to come.

One of the beauties of our digital society is that music can spread across the world in an instant. The creation of music apps such as Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Music are what make this a breeze. As amazing and impressive as this technology is it doesn’t have the same appeal that a classic vinyl record holds. Vinyl records were introduced in 1860 and now we introduce to you a new continued series dedicated to Vinyl and dedicated to your Tuesday Night.


DJs Ben Johnson + Junior DeVega will be spinning disco, boogie, house & balearic.

Ben: co-owner of Delta Breeze Records in Sacramento specializing in used and hard to find LPs, 12"s, 45s and vintage hifi sales and repair.

Junior DeVega has been collecting and DJing since the 80s and is a veteran of the Bay Area music industry. Junior draws inspiration from originators like Larry Levan and Cameron Paul and builds Paradise Garage-inspired custom DJ booths in Sacramento

We are pleased to invite them to Grove street for a night of educational music!



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