Petit Biscuit (Live) + Slenderbodies


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Noise Pop Festival 2019 & DJ Dials Present



Friday March 1st / 10pm - 3am / 21+
1015 Folsom

A year and a half after the very successful release of Petit Biscuit, his first EP, the wunderkind of French electro is back with his debut album Presence. Across all 14 tracks, the LP combines ambient, techno, and house, with tailored arrangements, both classical and modern. A personal and creative opus stretched over intricate rhythmic patterns that transforms the 2015 rookie into a distinguished artist.

Mehdi is back from a whirlwind experience following the triumph of his hit song "Sunset Lover" (over 350 million streams and counting), now stepping up to the plate with renewed enthusiasm. Performing his last EP around the world, with sold-out dates in the US and Europe, has taught the precocious 17-year-old a great deal, helping him grow up as an artist, and figure out where he wants his career to take him. With Presence, Petit Biscuit puts forward energetic and vivacious tracks, in a cohesive series of musical fire starters. The album ignites and inspires ceaselessly, expertly conducted by the wise-beyond-his-years teenager. Petit Biscuit is an author, a composer, a singer and a producer, alongside leading his own label, Petit Biscuit Music, and remaining an independent act throughout.

At the crossroads of his acoustic obsessions (he studied the cello for 13 years) and his electronic desires, Petit Biscuit merges styles and genres without limiting himself, and boldly delivers a stellar and unique homebrew of sounds. Like when he meshes together guitar strings, MIDI keyboards and his signature vocal chops, or when his careful work on rhythmic breaks shines through.

Beyond his talent at producing, his composing skills are put to good use, creating a dazzling variety of atmospheres, each track exploding with freshness and power. Decidedly Baroque because of its mix of influences, Presence is nevertheless extremely coherent, steering us with confidence and bravado through trap and pop verses, heavenly vocals and untamed techno, teaming up together for a one-of-a-kind journey. As the first single from the new album, "Waterfall,” brilliantly proves, Petit Biscuit’s technical mastery and esthetical flair sets him apart from the vast pool of electronic music producers.

One eye on his cello, the other on the screen of his DAW, the young artist from Rouen remixes his musical tastes with the aid of modern plug-ins. Ever-eclectic, he mentions Nils Frahm, Phœnix or Tame Impala as sources of inspiration, and collaborates with artists like Lido, Panama or Bipolar Sunshine, all the while refining his productions and sketching out the future of electronic music. Armed with his array of machines, Petit Biscuit is crafting the sound of tomorrow, a wild blend of digital and analog, of live and pre-recorded samples, of techno, pop and hip-hop. Defying all categorizations, Petit Biscuit is about to defend his new tracks on stage this November, with a run of Zenith (7000 capacity) tour dates in France, then European capitals, before storming up North America in December. Bringing us all great music for both the mind and heart.



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