Perpetual Motion, Program Five: Spectres

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    Gray Area Art + Technology Theatre

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Perpetual Motion | Program 5: Spectres
John Davis / Kerry Laitala + Voicehandler / Raha Raissnia + Panagiotis Mavridis

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In evoking liminal states of consciousness through the use of custom-made screens, elaborate projection arrays and multi-planed, layered imagery, the works on this program explore imagined histories, the nature of memories, literal and metaphoric travel and motion. Kerry Laitala’s THE CITY LUMINOUS: ELECTRIC SALOME (featuring dancer/choreographer Jenny Stulberg and with live soundtrack by Voicehandler) celebrates the groundbreaking light/costume/dance innovations of Loie Fuller (1862–1928) as a progenitor of Performance Cinema itself while imagining the fantastical Panama Pacific International Exhibition presented in San Francisco in 1915. The Tehran-born, Brooklyn-based Raha Raissnia—in her first ever Bay Area appearance—performs MNEME and LITANY, two performance works for 16mm film, projected slides and hand-painted screens with live soundtrack on hand-made instruments by Panagiotis Mavridis: “in Greek mythology Mneme is one of the three muses. She is memory personified. Mneme puts together bits and pieces from the past and forms new meaning in the present.” Finally, John Davis’ THE DREAMING SKULL activates Gray Area’s Proscenium with four spatialized quadrophonic film/audio channels representing the four points of the compass, exploring the concept of navigation. Building on personal and psychological narratives, THE DREAMING SKULL canters on parallels between the known and the unknown, the conscious and the subconscious, the corporeal and the metaphysical, the banal and the ecstatic.

full program details, artists' bios, videos and more:




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