Permission to Land w/ Oona Dahl + Special Guest

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The Midway Presents: Permission to Land SF

Welcome. A new Sunday afternoon-to-evening open-air party series hosted on the patio at The Midway, a new cross-cultural events space dedicated to bringing together music, art, food, and more located on the edge of San Francisco.


Öona Dahl (All Day I Dream, Slumber)

+ a very special guest (Kompakt)

Support by James Fish - Music (Tutu Tuesday)

Öona Dahl:

A remarkable dedication comes from Oona Dahl and her passion for electronic music. An almost mystical form into which she transforms when she plays. With an open mind and a vast range of music knowledge, she knows how to connect on another level when playing her music to the crowd. Transforming dance floors into sacred spaces wreathed in tindrels of sparkling sound, Oona Dahl's home is found beyond the conscious state. Testing traditional musical limits with extended mixes, isochronic tones and melodies endless as blue sky, Oona's breadth of skill behind the decks and unwavering commitment to electronic music is unmatched.

A graduate of The International Academy of Design and Technology for Digital Media and Recording Arts. Her original production spans broad dance floor territory, from Techno, Deep House to Experimental Electronica.

Oona prepares herself to open the doors to the world. Her relationship with Hallucienda (Hallucination Limited) that launched in Summer 2014 (with artists like, Radio Slave, Terry Francis, Three & Reverse Commuter) will release her debut album later in the year. All Day I Dream has also found the light in Oona and is ready to release some of her magic this summer, including a solo EP to follow.

Finding the balance between light and dark with both her solo work and as Slumber with her friend Amber Cox has kept her inspired and able to express both arrays of emotions through her sound. Slumber is consecutively releasing now on labels like Viva Recordings, Bad Animal and Yuma.

Forever channeling…Let Oona be your guide.

The Midway SF:

This spring, a new multifaceted space opens at 900 Marin Street in San Francisco’s burgeoning Dogpatch neighborhood. The Midway Creative Complex will be a one-of-a-kind space, dedicated to bringing art, entertainment, and education under one synergistic and collaborative roof.

Simultaneously a creative resource center and learning facility, the complex will not only house artists and their work but also provide a space for the general public to engage with and experience San Francisco’s dynamic arts and music communities.

Spearheaded by a vibrant and experienced team that is dedicated to providing a hub of creative connectivity in the Bay, The Midway will cater to a wide variety of San Francisco’s inhabitants. By partnering with local music and arts-oriented nonprofits, The Midway will actively engage with and enrich its community.

With some of the world’s best art, food, and entertainment at its doorstep, San Francisco is the prime locale for the rise of The Midway. Conveniently located one block from Muni with readily accessible bike & car parking, The Midway will be an easy to reach destination for San Francisco’s food, art and music loving public.



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