Passage w/ Russell Butler, Liquid Asset (Live) + More


RUSSELL BUTLER (Oakland - Opal Tapes)

Russell has been making waves in the Bay Area music scene for years. His project Black Jeans evoked the emotional and physical qualities of minimal synth and electronic body music to transport listeners to hidden and forgotten sonic landscapes. For the past few years he has been making a brand of stripped down machine techno that has evolved rapidly with each successive release. It is fitting that transplantation and adoption are themes in Russell's music, as he based his 2015 album, "God is Change" on Octavia Butler's Parable series of novels, in which these are central tenets of the philosophy that the books explore. Since its release "God is Change" has received major acclaim, with NPR naming it one of their top 10 favorite electronic albums of 2015. As adept on the decks as with a modular synth, Russell will grace passage with an extended DJ set.

LIQUID ASSET (Chapel Hill - Primitive Languages) - LIVE

Liquid Asset is the newest musical project of Alene Marie. Utilizing a host of analogue gear, Alene’s live sets evoke Bunker records/Hague style acid-electro while paying respect to her roots in the west philadelphia noise scene. Her newest release, "Colony Denied", which will be released on NYC-based label Primitive Languages, is a speculative concept album set in a distant future.


A new solo project by Fanciulla, one half of the experimental electronic duo Felidae, the Creatrix combines elements of modern techno, industrial and drone to weave a far-reaching, multidimensional sonic and literary narrative.

NIHAR BHATT (SF - Surface Tension)

Passage resident Nihar Bhatt is part of the post-techno Surface Tension collective.


Flyer by Cal Volner-Dison and Holly Bun



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