Origins with Psycho Bitch / Teri Bristol / Justin Long



Origins with…
Psycho Bitch / Teri Bristol / Justin Long

Smart Bar takes a retrospective look into the alternative dance music scene that emerged in Chicago during the mid 80's. Works by local artists including Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Rights of the Accused, My Life with The Thrill Kill Kult and Die Warzau Symphony were juxtaposed with Punk/Post Punk, New Wave, the local Acid House Sound, Belgian Nu Beat, UK Bleep, and the early voices of techno. Nights spent at Tuts, Neo, Orbit Room, 950, the original Exit, and the infamous Medusa's on Sheffield have now become the legends of Chicago's rich dance music mythology. These venues served as hotbeds for creative musical exploration where selectors like Teri Bristol, Psycho Bitch, Mark Stevens and Jeff Pazen held court and formed a new musical language. On this night, we will return to a key moment in our rich and exploratory history.

Free before midnight with valid student ID
$12 Advance, $15 Before Midnight, $18 After
21 & Over / 10PM






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