Northern Lights party with Sebo & Madmotormiquel


A night of dancing in the light. At the center of our solar system lies our sun, the yellow star that sustains life on our tiny planet. Magnetic fields distort and twist as our parent star rotates on its axis. When these fields become knotted together, they burst and create an art form unlike any other. Atomic and magnificent, particles polarize and collide into streams of brightness. Beams of color. Radiant and rich. Gentle and magical.

Join us in this beautiful movement of life itself. Explore your depths and shine your through the universe with House of Yes, Fiction NYC and URSL Records. Art installations of luminous experiments and illuminated aerial and performance art. Projections and surprises.

Sonic Brilliance provided for you by:

Sebo & Madmotormiquel (URSL Records)

Joe Foxton

Steve Graham


34th Street John

Channel your most enchanted fashions and express whatever makes you feel your own magnificence. White. Bright. Flowing fabrics, glowing accessories, glitter and stars. Evening wear. Night wear. Beauty wear. Everywhere.







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