Noise Pop: Blackbird Blackbird + Mystery Skulls

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A mastermind electronic artist, producer and singer -Mystery Skulls is an adopted stage name for Luis Dubuc, a self-taught musician from Dallas who through trial and error, perseverance, hard work, self-belief, great timing and the courage to move to Los Angeles has made a name for himself. The young talent is blazing up the electronic iTunes chart, already reaching #7 among some major players on the scene with his commanding, thumping new track “Paralyzed.” On forthcoming debut album “Forever,” Mystery Skulls sheds light on the past by focusing on the future, on new experiences, accomplishments, failures but most of all growth. On the title track, Dubuc sings it himself: My life, my chase, my time, my face, my story, my soul, my future in control. My lovers, my team, and dreaming in between. I hear the future, it’s calling me. “When I moved to LA, I sort of became the real version of myself and who I was supposed to be,” says Dubuc. “Those are the lines, sort of a manifesto of something bigger than myself. And that is Mystery Skulls.”



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