No Place Like Home: Manics (dj set)


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No Place Like Home : MANICS (dj set)

Celebrating 5 years of Popgang Records and the last 20's b-day Chris Sanders will ever have.

NPLH: A Thursday night venture spotlighting some of our favorite local tastemaker Dj's from SF and beyond. Combining world class sound and top of the line talent in an intimate, home-style decor / setting to create a party like no other.

Each party will feature a local artist being booked for the headliner slot to showcase their music with no boundaries.

Amazing music. World class sound and venue. Hometown vibes.

More on MANICS
MANICS is an indie dance live act comprised of Jordan Deherrera and Chris Sanders from San Francisco. Their performances are a medley of indie pop vocals, live bass & synth work, percussion and modulation; accompanied by matching lights and visuals. Since its inception in 2012, the project has developed into a dynamic performance of technology and raw emotion with their music being supported by Odessa, Poolside, Steve Aoki & others around the world.

The duo are also the master-minds behind the bay-area indie label POPGANG Records. Founded in 2013, the label features artists and producers across a wide swath of genres and sub-cultures while retaining a cohesive identity built on the punk-DIY mentality turned modern. With over 90 releases to date, POPGANG’s catalog is a diverse collection of work from the bay area & beyond.

Catch these seasoned vets play a special club set spanning all decades and styles of tasteful dance music.



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