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Every once in a while a special opportunity comes around to show people something new. Every once in a while an artist comes around who exemplifies all the great things about what we do and why we keep on doing it. Every once in a while we meet someone on a dance floor and instantly know we will meet there again a thousand times over.

Tonight we are going to do all of those things with a special someone known as James Fish. James Fish is one of those rare gems who I was told I must meet before I met him and of course those astute people were right as hell. He dances, he DJs and he costumes. If you are looking for a good time, look no further. James Fish is here and he is here to stay. Always down for a renegade marathon set, James has all the experience he needs to electrify you with his first SF headlining set. Not only that, but he will play all night--leaving no stone unturned in his mission to bring you a musical journey of dreams.

In his generosity, he will be bestowing flash drive gifts of unreleased content - his latest and greatest mixes - upon the first guests of this revolutionary occasion. Come early to ensure you get one...

Add No Pants to this blender and a special pre-game workout and you've got a recipe for good times, sexy times and silly times all rolled into one spectacular Thursday night.

Game on, pants off...It's time we dance!

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