No Pants Party: The Revolution w/ Benjamin K


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Well, there is no faster way to make my pants fly off than great people, comfy venue and sexy sexy music. At the latest upgrade of No Pants Party, we bring together all of those elements and more.

I must say, there are some very hot ladies attending NPP these days. And the gentleman are not doing too shabby with their creative expressions of pantslessness. Y'all are making your No Pants mama proud, I tell you!

Starting out the night with a yogaerobics workout has got to be my favorite. Im all tight and limber at 10pm and then by midnight I feel all stoked that I still have two more hours to party! YES!

Benjamin K brings it at No Pants Party when he is not Djing and he brings it even harder when he is so there is no shortage of awesome with this guy. With opportunities to play all night being not the norm at all these days, I know that my boys put a lot of heart and mind into preparing a beautiful set for us and that makes me just...just...awe, you guyyyys.

THANK YOU, seriously. For making this happen the way you do. It's the best ♥

$10 in no pants, $20 if you insist on wearing pants
complimentary pants check



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