Nicola Cruz (Live), Mira and Okaxy

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Public Works & Zero Present:

Nicola Cruz Live (Ecuador)

Mira (Katerblau, Berlin)

Okaxy (Ninze & Oxaky, Laut & Luise, Germany)

+ Opening set by Griffin Crafts (Shika Shika / Strategic Reserve)

Main room / Funktion One sound

Nicola Cruz bio
Nicola Cruz is an electronic producer, musician and DJ. Born in France to proud South American descent, he currently lives and works in Quito, Ecuador, in the heart of the Andes mountains. Nicola started his career as a percussionist, thanks to which he developed an early interest in electronic music. His work draws from a broad variety of sources, in particular a deep passion for the Andean landscapes, their cultures, rituals and rhythms. Because of this, his music radiates an intimate understanding of nature, from the organic exuberance of his sound to the soft cadence of his songs. In this mix a delicate balance between forces always prevails: his music is deeply rhythmic without losing the melody, and even though it is formed in collaboration with artists from different times and spaces, it remains personal and intimate.

From this musical connection between past and present, traditional and modern, an ongoing South American movement has arisen, exploring local indigenous and afro cosmologies through a carefully crafted analogue sound.

Mira Bio

Mira is by no means a newcomer.

For 10 years Mira influenced the east-german techno scene before establishing her musical home in Berlin's legendary Bar25, Kater Holzig and now Katerblau. From her time in Berlin she has shaped her own unique sound reminiscent of endless nights full of wonder and intensity.

Bar25 was the place for Mira to first cross paths with Chris Schwarzwalder, NU and Jo Ke, resulting in lifelong friendships, creative musical exchanges, collaborations and output.

Anyone who has experienced her endless sets already understands why Berlin so holds in such high regard the particular sound created by her. A soulful, mesmerizing sound that sinks under your skin and leaves you with a feeling of deep warm-heartedness.

All of her styles and sounds can not only be discovered live behind the decks, but are available on vinyl and digital releases from the Katermukke and URSL labels as well.

Okaxy Bio

While most will remember OKAXY from his performances with his well known side projects, you should also know him with his rare solo performances. While responsible for the remarkable Keta- Pop projects, there was indeed little time remaining presenting you his significant style which makes NINZE & OKAXY and WIDE AWAKE so special. Widely traveled with a bunch of inspirations from regions all over the world he mixes everything up he delivers quite a forward- looking sets promising a long lasting experience – on the dance floor and far above from it.



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