Navid Izadi: Celebration of Life


On Friday, September 7th we will Celebrate the Life of Navid Izadi! Navid passed away in a tragic plane crash on August 4th 2018, along with his beautiful mother Floria, and 3 other passengers. He was a huge presence in the house/techno dance community, with a bunch of music releases and collaborations with many artists. He was beloved by many, and will be remembered forever in our community as an amazing artist and human being..

Navid left behind his brother, Aden, his other family members, alot of strong friendships, and a son, named Tesla, that we will be putting together a TRUST for from this Celebration of Life, along with similar celebrations in NYC and LA! Below will be a link to donate to the TRUST, in the amounts of $20, $40, or $60. ALL PROCEEDS WILL BE GOING TO HIS SON, TESLA! Donations will also be accepted at the door!

Let's celebrate our beloved Navid with a dance party this Friday @ an SF staple and one of Navid's favorite venues MONARCH SF! With music selections by some of his dearest friends and musical inspirations from all ages of Navid's career in music.. including:

Justin Martin (Dirtybird, SF)
Michael Tello (PillowTalk, Housepitality, SF)
Ray Zuniga (LIVING, Touch of Class, NYC)
Mozhgan (We Are Monsters, SF)
Shiny Objects (Smoke N' Mirrors, SF)
LANDO (Mistress, Ultramajic, LA)
Sinéad (SF)

Visuals by: DONOVAN DRUMMOND and The Visual Wizard ERROL VALENTINO
Flower arrangements by: TOMMIE MURPHY (The Liquid Garden)



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