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NastyNasty remains a unique force in the electronic music scene, toeing the line between dubstep and holy shit this is off to a boring start already. I started using the name NastyNasty in late 2008 as a moniker for my bass-oriented experiments in beats. Previously I had been making breakcore and idm-type stuff under another moniker but I really wanted to dig deeper into synthesis and rely less on chopped up amen breaks. I had some friends Invite me to join a little-known crew at the time called Frite Nite that harbored the likes of a bunch of badasses such as EPROM and Salva. Blogs like Xlr8r and Fader caught wind of the things I was doing and posted really nice things about me, spreading my own brand of sentimental bass around the globe. I toured around a bunch, got to go to Europe a few times ... it all felt super surreal to a young man who just wanted to make weird noises on his laptop. In 2011, I released a mix of originals called Lazerbrain and an e.p. on Rwina called Poison Flavored, shifting my sound from the emotionally distressed towards the mentally disturbed. I'm pretty sure my story was supposed to end in the great dubstep implosion of 2012 but I'm a tenacious son of a bitch and I wouldn't be writing this if the story ended there. Flash forward it's now 2016 and I'm still writing music on my computer all night. So that's me, my real name is Jasper and I still get kinda red when people call me NastyNasty in public.


Philadelphia producer/DJ, Dev79, has been banging it out as OG of the underground scene. He effortlessly weaves elements of grime, garage, rap, dubstep, juke, among a plethora of other styles, with Philly’s cultural and musical history, into a tapestry of urban bass music that he (along with compatriot Starkey) have dubbed “Street Bass.” Through his original productions, remixes and collaborations, Dev79 always takes you on a daring ride of emotions and flavors, that will urge you to let your body take control.

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FWD is every Wednesday at Q Nightclub, bringing you top flight music by emerging artists from all over the world.



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