MUTEK.SF A/Visions 1: Joanie Lemercier, Night Sea, more ++

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MUTEK San Francisco: A/Visions 1 + Digi Lab 1
May 3 — California Academy of Sciences
PLEASE NOTE ➤ This is a California Academy of Sciences NightLife event curated by MUTEK San Francisco. MUTEK.SF can offer free entry to a LIMITED amount of Passholders who must RSVP by email which will be sent out shortly. Once these limited passes are exhausted, MUTEK.SF Passholders must pay the standard NightLife admission fee.


Planetarium Dome ➤
Joanie Lemercier & James Ginzburg, "Nimbes"
Jesse Woolston, "Koronis — Structure"

Piazza ➤
Night Sea

Coral Reef ➤
Vague Terrain

Cal Academy NightLife curated by MUTEK San Francisco presents A/Visions 1, featuring a series of mind-bending audiovisual works, specially prepared for the Academy’s Planetarium dome, including “Nimbes,” by Joanie Lemercier with music by James Ginzburg (of Emptyset), exploring the ontology of observation and its relationship to cosmogony, and “Structure” by Jesse Woolston. San Francisco’s Topazu and Vague Terrain will soundtrack the museum, bookending a live performance by Night Sea.

In partnership with Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States, we're hosting Digi Lab 1, a panel entitled “When Art meets Tech / When Tech meets Art… How can we envision our future?”

We’ll be asking questions like: How do Art and Tech intertwine? What new models of artistic creation are enabled by technological innovation? How do audiences experience change through the use of new tools … And how can we envision our future together?

Speakers include: Vincent Cavaroc, the Artistic Director of Tropisme Festival; Josette Melchior, Founder of Gray Area Foundation for the Arts in San Francisco; Alain Mongeau, Director of MUTEK Montreal; Dorothée Chanezon, neurologist and painter; Josiah Zayner, biohacker and scientist; Jessica Riskin, Professor of History of Science at Stanford University; and Juliette Bibasse, visual artist and manager for Studio Joanie Lemercier.

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