Mutek A/Visions 3 ft. Steve Hauschildt, Kaitlyn A. Smith


MUTEK San Francisco: A/Visions 3
May 4


Room 1:
Freeka Tet ""UV101""
Steve Hauschildt & Martin Tzonev AV
Lawrence English

Room 2:
Cool Maritime & Emily Sprague
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith presents Tides.

A/Visions 3 spans two rooms a converted North Beach church turned venue. Upstairs, viewers are treated to a stunning audiovisual show, featuring French experimental artist Freeka Tet and his piece UV101 (FKA Face Tag), Bay Area-based classical and jazz-inspired composer and artist Cruel Diagonals, and Steve Hauschildt & Tzonev AV. Downstairs, attendees will find a guided meditation and ambient experience with composer Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith showcasing soothing synth songs from her recent release Tides: Music for Meditation and Yoga



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