Mr Scruff (5 Hr Set)


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HUSHconcerts and blasthaus are proud to present one of the finest DJ's and producers on planet earth, (although he would be the last to admit to such a crass assertion), MR SCRUFF. Andy Carthy began producing mixtapes and comedic skits when he was 8 years old, cut his first vinyl more than 2 decades ago and started working the decks in clubs in 1994. He has dozens of releases including genre defining works of the funky breaks, acid jazz, broken beat and drum and bass variety on labels like Warp, Sirkus, Disorient, Blood & Fire, Cup Of Tea and, of course, Ninja Tune, And then there are his live sets… if you can catch one. Scruff's meticulous attention to detail demands you will only do so in settings which meet his exacting standards. He only plays long sets, and only on the highest quality media drawn from his world-class collection of vinyl… and even then only on vintage mixers, delay units, and turntables with specific tonearms. The majority of the DJ world has become so technologically advanced as to dumb down the actual performers. Scruff's shows conversely are a throwback to a time when the DJ was a collector first, a producer second, and a performer if they were special. But what separates Scruff from even the contemporaries from those heady days, is the exquisite nature of his mixing, and the custom-made, self-drawn "potato style cartoon" visuals that often accompany his sets. In this case, we offer you this true aficionado on Public Works exquisite Funktion One soundsystem for FIVE glorious hours, from the second the doors open, to the second they close. Mr. Scruff will open the show, headline the show, and close the show, supporting himself with cups of tea and pints of dark beer. Delicious! Dancing will be done. Drinks will be drunk. Tea may be served. Smiles will abound. "It's Dancing Time!"

Official Mr Scruff
Friday, July 29
The Public Works SF



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