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Bringin the techno to your Thursday evening...
Music lovers! We are so excited to bring you our next session of local stars. Not only is this special evening a free event if you click going and sign up to eventbrite..BUT we are also offering an open champagne bar to start the night.

This month we are featuring Shane Fontane, Brett Rubin & Jill McDonald!
Shane Fontane is the talented producer and founder of the label A Deep Within and if you haven't had a chance to listen to his music we highly recommend you check it out. There will definitely be a track in there you'll want to add to your collection.
We are so pleased to give this spotlight chance to inform our party people of the technical side of our growing underground community.
Also featuring Brett Rubin the creator of Terrace Afterhours in Las Vegas coming through to throw down vibes and get the dancefloor lit. He just got signed to Armada Music so we'll need you to come through and help celebrate this.
Along with him we have a Mioli favorite joining our local love night Jill McDonald! She has been a great contribution here with her own style of Techno and Deep House beats. Speaking of deep house she also runs the Deep House yoga gatherings you find throughout the city and surrounding towns. She will be taking off for a month to travel so come say good bye with some dance floor love. ♥








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