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DJ Dials & 1015 Folsom Present

Møme (LIVE)
Geotic (aka BATHS)
Mothica (LIVE)
Black Motion

Friday August 18th / 10PM - 3AM / 21+
Tickets: Mome1015-fbe.eventbrite.com

Møme (LIVE)
When not surfing the Australian waves, the musician Møme (aka Jérémy Souillart) likes nothing better than composing. He has converted his van into a studio-on-wheels and, driving from coast to coast, he composes as he goes. Jérémy was raised in Nice and his ‘chillwave’ sound is proving a great hit back in his native France. Nevertheless, Møme’s latest EP, Aloha, owes much to artists like Flume and Chet Faker on the Australian Future Classic label.

Before releasing his first EP (Eclipse, 2014), the 26-year-old musician used to play the guitar in a rock band. He still plays, though he has gravitated towards the computer- and synthesizer-produced software that inspired the expanding Møme project. The new sound lay behind the track ‘Cyclope’ on his second EP (Cosmopolitan, 2015) which, along with the clip, got him noticed by the musical press.

The same creative dynamic is apparent in Aloha. Møme and the van started touring Australia last November, a venture that brought him into contact with other producers and with the singers who feature on his recordings. The sheer size of the country, coupled with exile from his European comfort zone, proved really inspiring. Some of Møme’s chillwave pays tribute to Diplo and Aloha which incorporates the Australian soul singer Merryn Jeann well testifies to its aerial and beat soul.

It’s not all life on the road. This fall (southern-hemisphere-style), Møme is taking time out to develop his next album, ready for studio work and a French tour in May 2016 when he readily abandons his material and musical comfort.

Jérémy’s musical experience ranges across jazz, to the French Touch and guitarists like John Butler. This breadth undoubtedly owes much to his love for the guitar and his formal piano training at Nice’s Academy of Music. From a composer with such a background, the neat yet startling sound of the Møme Project is hardly surprising. Starting out from the Soundcloud Community and now supported by the DDM Recordings label, Jérémy’s unique contribution to the world of music is on the road and destined, like his van, to go far.


Mackenzie Ellis, who goes by the stage name Mothica, is an electro-pop singer-songwriter from Brooklyn, by way of Oklahoma City, OK, created an undeniable buzz around her lead single, “Sometimes”. Her latest EP, Heavy Heart does nothing to diminish that hype and if anything it will continue to push Mothica into the stratosphere.

While the majority of her songs are of the depressing variety, the upbeat tempos and her clear, haunting vocals create wonderful texture which is captured with stunning effect on the track “Fall”. It is filled with a myriad of vocal hurdles and fun, enticing riffs that keep the track interesting and fresh on every replay. It really is the same for any of the 6 tracks that grace Heavy Heart.

Mothica reaches out with her emotions with reckless abandon and put together a stunning EP that is focused on every detail from production, vocals and lyrics. The dark pop singer/songwriter is truly on the path to stardom. Do not be left behind!

Robert aka Dj Murder teamed up with Thabo aka Smol to form Black Motion in 2010. The two have been in the music production business for about 5 years or so. Their breakthrough came when they joined SPIRIT MOTION where they produced the HIT single Banane Mavoko.

The song was so BIG that Dj Oskido licensed the song for his compilation CD Oskido's 10th Commandment.

TRIBE RECORDS UK came along and signed the song for international digital release. Black Motion have other singles featured on Mmthi's Essential Mix 6 - Bhana Shilolo feat. Zulu and Quantized Mix 6 - Set Me Free feat. XoliM

NULU Records followed suit by signing Mumi Wango feat. Soulflow which saw the song being remixed by the likes of Manoo and Antonello Coghe & Rancido

Ocha Records Mzantsi thought they won't be left behnd and they signed one of the biggest songs of 2011 Set Me Free feat. XoliM. This package contained the heavyweights Master Kev & Tony Loreto, Bang the Drum (Jihad Mahumed), Ezel, Dj Qness and Black People.

The group signed a licensing deal with Kalawa Records in 2011 which saw them releasing their first double CD album titled Talking to the Drums. This comprises of hit songs like Father to be feat. the energitic Dr. Malinga, Kakaramba feat. Celimpilo, Dimesions feat. Lando and many more.

2011 was so BIG for the duo as they went on to do remixes for Dj Qness feat. Malehlokoa - Time, Black Coffee feat. Zakes/Tume - Bum Bum, Djeff feat. Sandy Spady - One Night
Their sound brought upon the new revolution where almost every single song that got released from there on was titled Black Motion regardless of the fact that they didnt't work on it.



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