Modular: Mathias Kaden (Live) & Jan Blomqvist (Live)

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Audio + Modular present
on March 5th with Pedro Arbulu.

Six years after the widely acclaimed and rather club-distant debut album „Studio 10“ Mathias Kaden now refers to both his musical roots as well as his current experiences as an internationally travelling DJ. With the ten new tracks he wants to give something back to the dancefloor, namely a positive and timeless vibe deeply rooted in Funk and the diginity of the early House years.

Jan Blomqvist is a Berlin-based live electronic artist, whose signature melancholic vocals, introspective melodies and lush beats are celebrated throughout the international dance music scene. With his band he performs dance-oriented electronic pop; as a solo artist, vocal techno.

As a child Jan was always singing. His open-minded parents immediately saw and encouraged his natural talent by exposing him to a variety of music and by giving him his first guitar. Fortunately or unfortunately he was not allowed to join the school band, so instead he formed his own band in a caravan in the woods. There they were free to play whatever music they wanted, which at that time was mostly melodic grunge and punk rock. While the band had moderate success it seemed unrealistic that it would become a career option at that point so after high school Jan, who was always keenly interested in the sciences, began studying aerospace engineering. Then, at the age of 21, he saw his first techno DJ and realized an alternative path in which music could in fact be a profession for him.

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