Modern Funk Fest


The first large scale event of its kind, the Modern Funk Fest pulls together the best live acts, DJs and labels focusing on the modern funk sound; giving full respect and admiration to the decades of funk/boogie music that has come before, while showcasing the newest sounds and sights to emerge from that scene. This event initially started in San Diego at the Til Two Club, with amazing performances, a perfect vibe, an ideal line-up and a night with a very receptive and hungry audience. After putting other notches in the MFF belt, most recently with a event pulling together the heavyweight boogie-funk crews and live performers at the "Liquor Store" in Portland, Modern Funk Fest returns to Los Angeles to bring a free record fair presented by Discogs, and an epic live event at the Echoplex, featuring amazing live performers and DJs from Europe, Texas and Southern California.






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