MNML:Fun w/ Beau Kelly, Christian Joun + More


MNML:FUN is a monthly event showcasing techno and minimal genres.


Beau Kelly-

In Early 1994 Beau picked up a cd mixed by Dj Dan. This was his first exposure to electronic music. After listening to this mix Beau realized that he just found a new genre of music that he absolutely loved. After collecting more and more records and cds over the next 2 years Beau decided that he was ready to get into Djing. Working at a local roller skating rink as a dj , Beau was able to practice and hone his skills. In early 1997 Beau was invited to play at a local party at the "Inn of the Beginning" in Cotati Ca. This venue was becoming well known in the area for it's growing "rave" parties. Beau shared the decks with other local dj's Tecni, Tom-e, Eric Brown, Mac , Urn, and Stevie B. Since then Beau wanted to expand and play various parties around the bay area. San Francisco has always been known for great house music and amazing late night warehouse parties that go well into the morning after sunrise , these aspects of the city drove Beau to relocate to call this place home.

Beau's style is very hard to pin down, over the years Beau has dabbled through the full spectrum of sub-genres that make up electronic music. This is very apparent in his sets today as they will range from deep spacey balearic sounds to chest pounding techno.

Beau has been blessed with multiple opportunities and has shared the stage with major djs and acts such as Sasha, Steve Lawler, John Digweed, The Crystal Method , Wolfgang Gartner, Justin Martin, Worthy and more.


Christian Joun-

With an ear out for the best gems of tech house straight through to techno, Christian Joun is a tastemaker with an eye on the international scene. Live sets at venues like The EndUp, 222 Hyde, Brick and Mortar, Milk Bar, f8/1192 Folsom, and Temple as part of United Electric Kingdom, with new live mixes every week on SF EDM radio show Glow Underground.



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