MNML:FUN (Modular Techno Night)


Analog, raw, beautiful modular techno will be the focus of our March MNML:FUN edition. There will be lots of gears, wires, controllers that will make music. Looking forward to showcasing Bleie from the East Bay and San Francisco based Normalien. Check out their Soundcloud for a feel.
Also - due to popular demand, the Tamali Lady will be swinging by as well, with her homemade kick ass tamales around 11pm.

Bleie (3AM Devices / Unheard Records)

Normalien (Voltage Control / Live Modular Set)


Lt. Daaan (Laser Native / MNML:FUN)

Peter Clarke (MNML:FUN)

Zita Molnar (Ostfunk / Plunk / Zettabyte / MNML:FUN)



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