Mira & Chris Schwarzwälder + Niki Sadeki


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Public Works, Below Radar & Zero Present:
Mira & Chris Schwarzwalder (Berlin)
+ Niki Sadeki (Vancouver)



main room / funktion-one sound

Mira & Chris
If we think of those magical moments out on the dance floor, what likely comes to mind is that moment when the DJ and the crowd find each other in a rare kind of symbiotic balance of give and take. If you see this happening between two DJs it becomes obvious that two of a kind have found one another.
Those who love this kind of confluence will adore watching Mira and Chris Schwarzwalder doing what they do best; playing back to back.
Having influenced the East‐German techno scene throughout the last twenty years, Mira established her musical home in Berlin’s legendary Bar25. There, she shaped her very own unique sound that can be considered as a story of these endless nights full of intensity.
Bar25 was also the place for her to meet DJ and producer Chris Schwarzwalder. Moving from his Hip Hop­‐roots towards electronic music, it was not by accident that Chris followed the beat of time to Berlin.
Anyone who has experienced their endless sets already understand why Berliners speak of the particular sound being created by both of them.
A soulful, mesmerizing sound that you will sense sinking under your skin and leaving you with a feeling of deep warm­‐heartedness.
What happens is the perfect chemistry of classic mixing skills along with ingenious live productions that really deserve to be called a moving experience.
All of their styles and sounds can, not only be discovered live behind the decks, but also on prosperous vinyl and digital releases on Katermukke and URSL label as well.

Niki Sadeki

Niki Sadeki is a DJ, musician, and the host of the monthly podcast series 'Allure' on Frisky Radio. Due in no small part to her popular online mixes, she has steadily gained recognition within the dance music community.
With her dedication and untiring perseverance, Niki has managed to put herself on the map as an up and coming DJ and musical artist within a very short time. With music at the forefront, she has been travelling globally and playing in renowned venues in cities such as Berlin, Paris, Istanbul, Beirut, Tunis, Dubai, Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and many more.
With a focus on deep, melodic and ethereal dance music, Niki conveys her expression of life to listeners and engages crowds through her live sets when she’s behind the decks, and through dozens of podcasts and studio mixes. Her sets have been described as musical journeys, charming listeners and at the same time inviting them to dive into their own individual world of sensations.
Niki is also the founder of Deep House Vancouver, a platform dedicated to showcasing DJs, musicians with various genres of electronic music through carefully crafted podcasts, premieres and releases. With her collectivist approach to music, she hopes to develop opportunities and expand the platform into a broader community which engages and unifies its listeners through the various sounds it explores.



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