Mioli Music: Kausmic


The time has come for us to announce a secret little mystery we've been working on.....

~KAUSMIC~ is the word play combination of Cause & Kosmische, a party revelation Emanate conjured while touring this year.

Amidst the hills of Cologne, Germany our hearts longed to create something more- a way to contribute to society and connect to a CAUSE while doing the things we love -hosting playful events, gathering with people, exploring our minds and connecting through sound.
We've created Kausmic as a way to continue forward doing what we love but also to give a little back at the same time.
For each of these quarterly parties we'll be contributing a portion of the proceeds to a charitable cause. We are still developing a way for our interactive community to choose where their donations go. Stay posted for more on that.
Creative couture is encouraged! Fabulous transcending decor will be an important part of this experience so come ready to take a trip with us into the unknown.
and in doing so know that no matter what you are going through, whatever contemplations and directions your mind wants to explore that at least you are contributing in some fashion to a cause in addition to the dance floor.
To gather and connect is a part of the human experience!
So lets keep those creative juices flowing, the love vibes glowing and allll with~ a little peace of mind.

Kausmic voyagers include:


..........MOSSMOSS -(AYLI)


..........DOSC -(MIOLI MUSIC)


..........ÜMEE-DEE -(U&ME&WE)


Free before 10pm with RSVP.

Lovely hand drawn art creation by @MandalasbySarah

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥



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