Minty Boi Presents: Teen Daze (w/ Geotic)


Striking a balance between the digital and the natural has always been one of the main purposes of Jamison Isaak’s, Teen Daze project. BIOLUMINESCENCE, the producer’s sixth proper full-length, is perhaps his most cohesive example of this. At times cinematic and atmospheric, and at others pulsing and danceable, the album weaves its way through eight deeply emotional, melodic tracks. For every synthesized noise you hear, there is the sound of a rock hitting water; digital synths are paired with the sound of the Pacific Ocean. This album attempts to find a harmony between those two worlds, and with this in mind, Bioluminescence becomes a very fitting title.
Created over the summer of 2018, Isaak produced the album in his home studio, after
a year of collecting samples and field recordings across several continents. From
there, the tracks were sent to be mixed by Joel Ford (Airbird, Ford & Lopatin), who
helped shape the album into its final form.
BIOLUMINESCENCE will be released in Spring 2019, on Isaak’s own label, FLORA.
Geotic is one of Will Wiesenfeld's three projects. The American artist, once known as [Post-foetus] and now better known as Baths—the name stemming for his appreciation for such—began self-releasing using this alias in 2008 before debuting on Ghostly with 2017's Abysma LP. What began as a home for his more ambient efforts, intended to help him to fall asleep, has evolved into one for all forms of "passive listening," he explained.






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