Mayan Warrior w/ Barnt, Rebolledo, Bubu

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We invite you to us for a unique event at The Great Northern: Uniting friends and cultures over music and dance. This is our first fundraiser in California to bring the Mexico City-based Mayan Warrior Mutant Vehicle to Burning Man 2017.

In addition to the lineup, we will be providing a laser production that will be rather intense.


The Cologne-based DJ/producer with releases on labels like Hinge Finger and Cómeme already under his belt. Furthermore, he is co-founder and co-owner of the label Magazine.

First involved himself with dance music during the early 2000s as a DJ in his native Mexico. He's one-half of Pachanga Boys and has recently released his LP Mondo Alterado which debuted at Burning Man 2016.

An eclectic artist from Tepoztlán, México. In 2013 he released his firsts collaborations with Capri “Disco Re Poch” (Sicario Music) and with Blond:ish “Inward Visions” (Kompakt Records).

In the Loft
Ali Khalili (Kasbah) / Lt. Daaan (Laser Native) / Yaz (Dementha)

Laser Production by

About Mayan Warrior
IG: @_MayanWarrior_



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