Maxi Storrs at Do Not Sit On The Furniture



Saturday, January 14th, Do Not Sit On The Furniture presents

Maxi Storrs (Suma Beach / Kater blau)

Support by:
Nii Tei

Born on Spetses Island, Greece and spending his childhood in the Green Mountains of Sugarbush, Vermont, Maxi Storrs was raised by family and friends that taught him the importance of a close relationship with nature and the valuable roles that art, music, travel, and community play in living a more enriched and fulfilled life. Maxi got his hands on his family's vinyl and tape collection at the early age of 4 years old where he got his first experience DJing by taking charge of the musical selections to set the vibe and entertain his family's frequent visitors at their Roxbury mountain house. He took up piano lessons at 7 years old, but changed to the clarinet as his preferred instrument at age 10, all the while playing records and mixing tapes for friends of all ages.
After graduating university, he spent his twenties deep in San Francisco's underground where he spread his house and techno roots before blasting out into the universe to create heart centered dance events in Goa and northern Thailand. It was in Goa where he gave birth to the first Dusty Eardrums events, which was not only centered around music and dance but around artists of all kinds and a real sense of community involvement. Dusty Eardrums has since moved to Turkey and is globally recognized by artists and participants alike. He is one of the original members and residents of Suma Beach in Istanbul and he also holds residencies at Wake Up Call Club in Istanbul and Katerblau at Holzmarkt 25 in Berlin (originally Katerholzig / Bar 25).
As a DJ, Maxi has played venues and festivals small and large around the world, including Burning Man, Cityfox, Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis and Sunset Campout, venues such as Space (Ibiza), Sankeys (Ibiza), Watergate (Berlin), Troyka (Moscow), Music Hall (St. Petersburg), Katerholzig and Katerblau (Berlin), Sisyphos (Berlin), ChaChaCha (Zurich), and many others. In addition to DJing and curating events, Maxi is producing constantly, both solo and collaborations, with releases planned in 2017.






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