Matrixxman / nthng



Matrixxman / nthng

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■ MATRIXXMAN ■ Based in San Francisco, Charles Duff, also known as Matrixxman is producing some of the sharpest and precise techno today. He has taken this cold sound internationally and has been played by techno legends Ben Klock, Richie Hawtin, and Levon Vincent, to name a few. Matrixxman has released EPs on a number of acclaimed labels including Dekmantel, Planet Rhythm, and Delft, and released his first full-length album on Ghostly International in July of 2015.

■ NTHNG ■ Little is known about the mysterious Amsterdam based DJ and producer, Nthng. In 2016 the artist played Lapsus Festival in Barcelona. His debut in Spain coincided with the release of his first LP, a triple vinyl released by Lobster Theremin.






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