Make It Funky Precompression

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We have some good news, Decompression is over and everyone should be relieved. That weird party in the desert happened like 7 months ago, its time to move on. But the better news is that it's now festival season and time for Precompression because that weird party in the desert is only 5 months away. We are collectively unwinding from festivals and partying by doing the exact thing that we would do at said party or festival with some extra funky sauce on top. Come “relax" and compress on the dancefloor just to be certain that you’re ready for anything. Whether that’s festival season, Cameron Dyson exploding heads, or that weird party the desert. You’ll be ready to Make It Funky.

With residents:
Jay Handles
AJ Lopez
Burlie Mac

Bonaparte Room:
King Most

Free before 10pm with RSVP, $10 after with RSVP:



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