Make It Funky 5 Year Anniversary

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Might as well just lay it on strong: you, me, us and them are all celebrating 5 years of the funk phenomena.

What began almost 10 years ago in backyards, kitchens, garages, and basements characterized by broken drywall, busted windows, blown out speakers and police visits has morphed into something bigger than we thought it would be. Yet exactly what we hoped it could be.

There’s never been a master plan, there’s never been the money, and where we started there wasn’t really a scene. Individuals who enjoyed a good time, their own music, and a “full send” coalesced into a motley crew of friends, DJs, afterhours hosts and folks who had been asked to leave the bar. This wasn’t even organic (smh), it was accidental. 5 years ago it transmogrified into a “thing”.

Flash forward, fools are flying to Mexico, Puerto Rico, South America to play shows.The M.O. is still the same though: spirited, no-frills, low-maintenance parties that bring people together. To celebrate 5 years, we’ve got something for that ass:

Vin Sol.
Club Lonely in the house.
Soo Wavey in the house.
Housepitality in the— nvm.

Two fellas we’ve looked up to along the way, cats who produce, play, and - heaven forbid - share great records. More importantly, both Vin Sol and Sepehr carry the same attitude, vibe and mise-en-scéne that’s always been the foundation for Make It Funky. Only they’re just way better DJs.

Lace up, put your face on, get your hair did, phone the troops, fire up the bat signal, release the hounds, do whatever you’ve gotta do because this one’s shaping up to be one hell of a ride.

Disclaimer: no “congrats”, “hats-off”, “proud-you-guys”, or “damn-son” earned or accepted. Rather, thank you, your friends, and your patience while we were building steam with a grain of a salt. Thanks for giving something different a try and for supporting us and other local artists while we figure it out on the fly.

We’re looking forward to seeing you out there. RSVP. Like. Favorite. Subscribe. Invite. Tell your father, tell your mother, send a telegram. Paul Revere that shit. Get involved. Make it happen.

But don’t just chat about it.
Be about it.
‘Cause Make It Funky’s back once again with the ill behavior.

Vin Sol (Club Lonely, Honey Soundsystem)

Sepehr: Live (Black Catalogue, Housepitality SF)

plus residents
Onemohit | Fortune | Jay Handles
AJ Lopez | Joe Fro



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