Mad Zach, Sorrow, Suma & Krakino


Soundpieces presents a fire line up featuring MAD ZACH all the way from Berlin alongside fairy boss babe Huxley Anne and other tantalizing musicians TBA...

► MAD ZACH (Berlin)
► HUXLEY ANNE - (Courteous Family / Dirt First - LA)
► KRAKINOV - (Wormhole - OAK)

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► MAD ZACH - It all started with “Superfreak,” pots, pans, and chopsticks. Then he found the drum machine at age four. Now Mad Zach is tearing up the electronic music scene in every bass slapping, mind bending, brain melting way possible… and the world has been listening. Future is an understatement when describing MZ’s dark and heavy style, which lies somewhere at the intersection of hip hop, glitch, dub and trap, while remaining quite uniquely its own. In the studio, his signature fusion of analog tone and digital precision has made him a sought after producer, on regular remix duty for forward thinking bass labels like Saturate Records and Robox Neotech. Mad Zach’s highly coveted live shows fuse the best elements of controllerism, finger drumming, and dj-ing into one bass oriented booty-forward masterpiece located at the intersection of future bass and retro treble. And its a show he’s taken all over the world. As one of Native Instruments’ lead endorsed performance artists, Mad Zach joins the ranks of DMC world champions DJ Shifty and DJ Craze, as well as finger drumming masterminds like Jeremy Ellis. In addition, his performance videos for NI, Ableton, and the predominant dj blog DJ Tech Tools – have garnered over 10 million views on youtube. His releases, including the 2015 EP, “Kräftig,” as well as remix work and collaborations with G Jones have received critical acclaim and chart success. In addition to his solid soundcloud following, he’s had several releases with the pioneering glitch hop label, Multi Music, including the sophomore 2009 full length, “Wolf Spiders”, as well as 2011’s “Devil Dancehall” and in 2012, “Hypercube.”

Past Releases On: Saturate Records, Robox Neotech, Muti Music, Blend Records

► HUXLEY ANNE - is one of LA's most vibrant electornic artists. As a rising female DJ & producer, she is fusing elements of abstract hip-hop, heavy bass, and textural ambience to create a new genre of club music. She's performed alongside some electronic music's heavist hitters, including G Jones, Woolymammoth, Mad Zach, and Tsuruda, and has sparked the dance floor for artists like, SZA, Travis Sott, and Jason Bentley. Based in LA, this art-tech girl guru has been hard at work, as she is also half of rising bass music duo PAINT, a collaborative project launched early this year with Tsuruda. The first PAINT EP, Blood, was met with outstanding acclaim and has been supported by Noisia and Ivy Lab, played on KCRW, and drawn a loyal following online. As Huxley prepares to release her first solo EP this fall, she's collaborating with experimental dance music artists like Noer the Boy and X&G to ensure the release speaks to her mystical sound while still igniting the dance floor.


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█████ {{ MONARCH }} █████
101 Sixth Street @ Mission St, San Francisco
10PM-2AM . 21+ . Free Champagne for Ladies!

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SF Rated Best Sound System · Swanky & Vibey · Amazing Drinks & Specials · Free Photo Booth!!

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This event was made possible by Soundpieces

►SOUNDPIECES has had its hands in organizing top notch events, making art, and weaving webs since 2006. Join us to discover the newest of musical formulas, hosted in the most ideal and sophisticated atmospheres we can find. We are not genre specific, we are quality specific. Soundpieces is famed for showcasing diverse high-end bass music and rare international acts including Diplo, Addison Groove, Aphrodite, Kode 9; and many for their very first time in the Bay Area such as Hudson Mohawke, Mount Kimbie, Rustie, Shlohmo, Nicola Cruz, Caspa, and Joker to name a few. We've been hosting the only diverse bass music "weekly" in San Francisco every Tuesday for over 4 years. With our expansion to LA, we are building within our community to develop one of west coast's premier sources to have top shelf experiences with quality electronic music.


►The Void Acoustics Soundsystem
We are honored to be able to showcase Soundpieces on Monarch's custom horn-loaded Void Acoustics Sound System, the only one of its kind on the West Coast!!! When you descend to the club's dance floor you are immersed in a world of complete euphony generated by the venue's four protruding tuba-like enclosures. Without a dead spot in the room, it's easily the best place in the city to hear the biggest sound.



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