Lovefingers and Heidi Lawden, JDH, L&l&l Record Club x Fundido



Andrew Hogge—whom you might know better as Lovefingers—is a rare breed. A DJ with an “anything goes” mentality cozily exists between disco, house, techno and beyond. Andrew is much more than a man with an eclectic library however; he’s a DJ, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and the ear and face of his record label ESP Institute and the man behind The LA native has released widely sought after records from a range of esoteric producers such as Tornado Wallace, Soft Rocks, Cos/Mes, Young Marco and Tambien all while maintaining his trademark future forward sound and aestheitc.
He will be playing with his partner in crime, Heidi Lawden. Heidi Lawden is a DJ, producer and occasional vocalist. She hosts a bi-weekly show Magic Roundabout on LA's and occasionally flees her hometown to DJ globally 'The best parties, not ALL the parties'. They will be joined by Fixed's JDH. L&L&L Record Club and Fundido will be going back to back all night long in the Bad Room with funky sounds from around the world to get bodies shaking as they celebrate Lauren's Birthday.
*d&b audiotechnik supplied by Oxygen Eventworks*
**Good Room is a safe space for all people. We do not accept racism, homophobia or discrimination in any form. If you are being harassed, please tell a bartender, staff member or security guard.**






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