Lonely Hearts Club w/ xxyyxx, The Knocks, Riton, Sofi Tukker

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DJ Dials & 1015 Folsom present

(HUGE Headliner We Can't Announce Yet!)
(HUGE Headliner #02 We Can't Announce Yet!)
Xavier Omär + Avalon Young
+ many more!

Friday February 10th / 10pm - 3am / 21+
Tickets : https://lonelyhearts2017-fbe.eventbrite.com/

XXYYXX - soundcloud.com/xxyyxx
XXYYXX is the electronic project of Orlando, FL’s Marcel Everett. Starting purely out of experimentation, Marcel’s taste for electronic music has evolved from the low-fidelity of vintage sounds to crisp and clean scenes of serenity. Improvisational jazz and abstract hip hop serve as worthy emblems of inspiration. His productions take steps across a unique spectrum of bass-heavy sounds with experience in minimalist ambience. Provoking a myriad of images, the music is meditative and emotive. R&B rhythms and soulful melodies are staples that propel the music forward, creating open environments that feed into moments of movement

RITON - soundcloud.com/ritontime
Like many before him, Riton's career in dance music began in 1990s dance culture and the long trips up and down the country to the Renaissance raves, prompting him to launch his own promotions closer to his home in Newcastle. After becoming an established fixture in the early 2000's after working with Scissor Sisters, M.I.A., Chromeo, and Soulwax---Riton partnered with tastemaker French record label ED BANGER & the late DJ Medhi to create a duo called "CARTE BLANCHE" which went on to become one of the label's biggest-selling acts. After the tragic and sudden death of Mehdi, Riton understandably kept a reasonably low profile in the year following the accident, until he reemerged in 2013 with the four-track EP Lost My Mind, a track from which boasted a cameo from French electroclash stalwart Miss Kittin. Another EP, still with the Ed Banger label, was to follow -- 2014's Bad Guy RiRi, a release that further cemented the marriage of Riton's funk and soul sensibilities with the Ed Banger label's muscular French house sound so heavily associated with popular mid-2000s electro acts like Mr. Oizo and Justice.

Riton's in-demand remixing and producing work continued to flow -- his 2015 co-production on Mark Ronson's Daffodils, featuring Tame Impala's Kevin Parker, is one such notable example -- as well as touring with Ronson on the 2014 Back to Back tour. The 2016 release of his own tech-house banger Rinse & Repeat, which featured Lagos/New York vocalist Kah-Lo, was extremely well received, garnering widespread airplay and the number one spot on the BBC Radio 1 dance chart for several weeks.

XAVIER OMAR + AVALON YOUNG - Soundcloud.com/xvromar
In just a matter of years, Omär, who many may have known as SPZRKT once upon a time, has taken his rare breed of R&B talents from his San Antonio bedroom to the internet to hundreds of unsuspecting individuals who learn about his undeniable artistry with when he steps foot on a stage. “I didn’t have anything when I started,” Omär recalls. “My intention when I first made music was to just put it out in places and hope somebody would recognize and know it was me.”

Today, the singer-songwriter has caught the attention of not only Red Bull’s artist development program but indie label/creative crew Soulection with his sound that in one moment flips rhythm and blues on its head with elements of pop and jazz and breathes new life into an ever-evolving genre.

22 year old R&B singer and songwriter, Avalon Young, was born in San Diego, California and now resides in Los Angeles. Young’s relevant writings and artistry are relatable to her fan base, which she attributes her success as an independent artist. Her voice has been described by Billboard as “dreamy” and her performances “have the audience in the palm of her hand”.

With the anticipated August 30th release of her album Shift, Young charged the iTunes R&B Album Charts to #2.

After being dismissed during the initial American Idol audition in 2010 at the age of 16, Young was scouted for a second audition by the shows producers in 2015 due to the popularity of her YouTube Channel. While hesitant, family and friends encouraged Young to take the audition. After her successful San Francisco performance, Avalon Young became the show’s organic R&B singer and American Idols Farewell Season Top 8 Finalist.



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