Listed is Living: Cassy b2b Danny Howells


The Midway presents
Permission to Land: Listed is LIVING w/ Cassy b2b Danny Howells (4-Hour Extended Set)

// LINEUP //
Cassy b2b Danny Howells (4-hr Extended Set)
Ray Zuniga & NIKITA
James Houdini

Permission to Land: Always top-notch sound, drinks, food & vibes - outside on the patio.

Listed Productions: An integral part of the dance music scene across the US, with events and bookings artists supported by an avid following of fans, artists and industry professionals. In addition to featuring world-renowned talent and other exceptional, carefully chosen artists, Listed strives to create a warm and intimate vibe so that guests enjoy an unforgettable event, where their experience is paramount. In this day and age, with all of the world’s challenges, we are in the pursuit of positivity, encouraging others to be LIVING their best lives through the music! LIVING isn’t just a party, but an experience. We focus on the small details - everything from the venue, hospitality, production, music programming, and, most importantly, the great vibe of the crowd.



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