Lights Down Low First Annual Super Bowl Party

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Lights Down Low First Annual Super Bowl Party at Monarch!

Are you down and disgusted about the selling out of our beloved city to corprorate interests and insane sports fans? Were you pushed around my neanderthanl bros and the Heathers of the world? Do you seek shelter from multi million dollar buy outs and magnums of champagne being spilled on under paid cheer leaders breasts. Do you want to just party and dance with your friends away from the frenzied hoards of out of towners, air bnbers, and jocks? It's a face off!

Then come on down to our First Annual Super Bowl Party.
We are creating a fun zone for friends and family to party the night away, while who knows?? Maybe the whole city is on fire above us, but we are down safe and sound in the rave cave of Monarch dancing to our favorite Local Heroes.


Goalie: Vin Sol
Ball Handler: Richie Panic
Hole in One: Eug
Bat Boy: SIzemore

Total fucking homerun babies!


Mayor Ed Lee furious that LDL is only charging 5$ for Sup Bro event!
"this is not what Sup Bro 50 is all about. it's about Fall Out Boy and Skrilly getting loose, it's about traffic, and bullshit, domestic violence and corporate interests. these guys at Lights Down Low are a bunch of brazen assholes. You can't get get a bunch of your friends together and charge next to nothing for great music and a lot of fun all night long. I am super pissed and might confiscate their tents or where ever DJs of SF are forced to live now"
-Ed Lee*

gear up and strip down. with so many amazingly lame options escape the vape, bros, air bnb shitheads and more and come get covered in 7 layers of dip with your favorite local players. Vin Sol Corey Sizemore EUG (who refuses to be a part of the machine of Zuckerbook).

*totally paraphrasing here.



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